For every amazing thing that pets do to bring happiness to our lives, it’s only right that we do our part to show them how much we appreciate their companionship. At Zesty Paws®, we’ve made it our mission to help pet parents do just that.

With quality, transparency, and innovation as our core pillars, Zesty Paws® was established in 2014 by a team of devoted pet care enthusiasts to provide healthy and affordable pet care products that help our furry friends feel their very best.


At Zesty Paws®, we believe results should speak for themselves. That’s why our premium USA-made products are made with the highest quality ingredients around, and communicated to pet parents in a clear and sensible way without the smoke and mirrors.


Our passion for pet wellness fuels us to collaborate with some of the industry’s brightest minds and top ingredient brands to bring pet parents the most exciting breakthroughs in the science of pet nutrition. We’re relentless in our research in discovering, and even rediscovering ingredients that truly benefit our loving pets.